Top “learn, earn, return” network for your project

Top “learn, earn, return” network for your project

A dedicated group of very experienced scientists and technologists available for hands on work on projects which really contribute to healthier and more sustainable food.

Almost too good to be true, but possible because KFS consists of food experts in their “return to society” phase of career, working closely together with leading Universities.

I wish an organisation like this would have been available when I started working on healthy living and climate action many years ago for Ahold, because some projects and dreams are just a little too big or complicated to be handled within your own organisation and network.

Please look at our criteria and our way of working on to see if your product would be a good fit.
Then contact us if you would like to join our network: +31 (0) 6 53 97 70 37 or

Onno Franse
Chairman Advisory Council