Legumes have great potential in the transition to a more sustainable agriculture and a more sustainable diet. Unfortunately, legumes also have properties that are often not appreciated by consumers: beany taste, mealy structure and they cause flatulence.

Asian cuisine has a centuries old tradition of using such beans as soy, lentils and mung in many dishes and snacks, often in a  fermented form.

In collaboration with Wageningen UR, Keep Food Simple aims to learn more from this Asian tradition in order to develop the processing of Dutch legumes into tasty and healthy products. As part of her BSc thesis at Wageningen University & Research, Alyssa Be is studying fermentation processes that can reduce the unwanted properties of legumes.

The KFS-approach is multidisciplinary and combines

  • knowledge about fermentation processes and microbial strains
  • transformation of raw materials into consumer products by existing and novel processes
  • preparation of tasty foods, fit for consumers’ perception, by experienced chefs
  • nutritional characteristics like amino acid composition, bioavailability of (micro-)nutrients, presence of fibre
  • co-ordination in the supply chain
  • use of legumes grown in North Western Europe

This approach can only be realized in collaboration with knowledge institutes and innovative companies.