Our story

Nowadays there is a growing interest in healthier and more authentic food products. There is also concern that a food production system with the existing amounts of waste is not feasible in the long term.

Keep Food Simple identifies and supports initiatives to find alternatives in the production of food. Key points are the optimisation of existing processes, fewer auxiliary materials and better use of raw materials.

The priority for Keep Food Simple is a preventative approach: prevention is better than cure! By making better use of raw materials, more nutrients will be included in our food, thus limiting the need for extensive use of unnecessary ingredients and additives.

Food manufacturing today:

The current food production
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Keep Food Simple:

Em Prof Fons Voragen: “Since 1950 the dominant drivers in food production have changed. Original focus on safety, shelf-life and efficiency was replaced by user-friendliness, line extensions, new tastes and, more recently, health and sustainability. Parallel new developments in food processing became popular : less processed food, mild technologies, fewer additives and more authentic food.”

In many cases traditional methods are found to be a source of inspiration: there are good reasons why these were maintained for many centuries. It is a challenge to translate this knowledge into more contempory systems in accordance with the Keep Foods Simple philosophy. Also the use of so called mild processing technologies fits into the approach of Keep Food Simple.

Our belief:

Better use of what nature offers us leads to healthier and tastier food products, less waste and less use of additives.