1. Name: Keep Food Simple Foundation
    2. Founded: June 22, 2016 by notarial deed
    3. Fiscal number: 8564.81.993
    4. Chamber of commerce number: 66289580
    5. Contact:
    6. Objective: To initiate and support activities that will lead to healthier food products by more effectivily using the nutritional potential of agricultural raw materials, employing sustainable processes and avoiding extensive use of additives.
    7. Policy plan 2018-2022: includes background and objectives, projects, finance, organisation, communication and societal relevance. The complete text is available under the heading ‘about us: policy plan’.
    8. Board: Dr Peter Folstar (Chairman), Dr Nicolaas Overbeeke (Secretary), Mr Miel Margherita (Treasurer), em Prof Dr Fons Voragen (Vice Chairman), Mr Andries Gort (Member)
    9. Reward policy: the board does not receive any remuneration, apart from a modest compensation for travelling expenses.
    10. Annual message: the complete text is available under the heading ‘about us: annual message’. It gives information on existing and new projects, workshops, communication and network activities and opportunities for sponsoring.
    11. Financial statement 2017:
      Income from sponsoring € 2000,=
      Expenses: office € 482,=
      Expenses: creation of website € 1167,=
      Margin € 351,=

      Financial statement 2018

      • Will be available from April 2019

Budget 2019:

Income from sponsoring € 25.000,=
Expenses: office € 200,=
Expenses: external support €1900,=
Expense: maintenance of website € 400,=
Expense: projects € 4000,=
Margin € 100,=