Annual message and policy plan

Annual message 2020

The global pandemic has had a major impact on our projects. However, thanks to a great deal of creativity, both with our partners in universities and in companies, we were able to limit this, conducting literature studies and even a limited number of experiments.

Perception studies on artichoke pesto by Tautvydas Seymus as well as on sourdough bread by Anna van der Scheer have been completed. A study into the feasibility of selective fermentation in bread dough was carried out by Iris Raas. As a basis for further experimental work, Tania Utami and Cosimo Cisternino made extensive literature reviews on the processing of tomatoes, highlighting opportunities for fermentation. We have also started to explore the possibilities of fermentation in legumes through work by Alyssa Be.

We formulated a project about increasing the bio-availability of nutrients in vegetables cultivated in the Netherlands for funding by the national governmental agency TKI. The idea was positively received, and we will submit the application in 2021.

In 2020, we started to shape our activities on the commercialisation of products emerging from our projects in partnership with Eunite, the first of which concerning artichoke pesto has already been started,

Our project portfolio has been further extended so that, in addition to research on raw materials and products, the role of consumer perceptions on sustainable and healthier food can be included.

Publishing our work remains extremely important: in 2020 we released four newsletters and the number of our subscribers grew by almost 15%. Additionally, we made agreements for regular contributions to the industry magazine EMVI. We also revised the layout and content of our website.

We have continued to work with a dedicated group of financial donors, and we are extremely grateful for their ongoing commitment and support. Together we have made preparations for the further funding of our activities over the next 5 years.

We plan to expand the foundation and to increase the societal impact of our work in the coming years as a growing number of students shows interest in participating in KFS projects and interest among companies and donors increases. We therefore look forward to 2021 with confidence!

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Policy plan 2020-2024

There is an increased urgency to rethink the world’s food supply system.

The objective of KFS is the development of nutritious and tasty food  while more effectively using the potential of agricultural raw materials, thereby decreasing the dependence on additives and reducing the amount of waste. Together with our growing network, KFS will identify promising ideas, support progress and  promote the application of such results in society.
The objectives for the next period:

  • Over the next three years KFS will develop three entirely new or improved existing products.
  • Together with partners KFS will develop two new projects or programmes per year.
  • Publicity will be intensified through publications in professional magazines and national media.
  • Once in three years KFS will organise a national meeting.
  • The financial and organisational basis will be strengthened.

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