Annual message and policy plan

Annual message 2021

During the Corona Pandemic, on-line meetings became common practice. Though we have been able to make sufficient progress in projects, valorisation and publicity, physical meetings such as a conference with representatives of our network had to be postponed to 2022.


KFS aims to transfer of the results of research projects to new and/or improved existing products. This is carried out together with external specialists. In 2021 we signed an agreement with Eunite Partners to support the commercialisation of Pesto di Carciofi, a result of our research on artichokes.


In 2021 we took steps to make sure that results of our projects will be fully utilised. In our work on tomatoes, we collaborate with both a Dutch processor of vegetables as well as with the FoodTechBrainport group in Helmond, thus bringing additional expertise and innovative technological processing facilities. In our work on artichokes, we are co-operating with a specialised Spanish producer of artichoke products. In our work on fibre mixes and vegetables we have created a platform for communication in collaboration with MLDS (stomach, liver, and intestine foundation; website in Dutch), an influential patient driven group. Our work on legumes is increasingly focused on lupin and field beans and benefits from the co-operation with ‘Lekker Lupine’ (in Dutch) and FoodTechBrainport.

On initiative of KFS a platform has been set up to explore the potential for oats and oat products. This platform consists of representatives of the entire supply chain.  Together with the Nederlandse Noten Vereniging (in Dutch), KFS has started a project to review new innovative products based on walnuts and hazelnuts.


We frequently publish the results of our projects and highlight new developments in trade magazines, our own newsletter, LinkedIn messages and the KFS website. Facilitated by ‘De Nieuwe Gevers’ (in Dutch), we have been able to make improvements in the style and content of our publications, thus achieving a greater outreach.


To enlarge our impact, KFS has established co-operation with a variety of groups. The foundation ‘Goeie Grutten’ enables us to make the transfer to a more professional organisation with a higher societal impact through a generous three-year donation. We are very grateful for their confidence and enthusiasm. Also, Rabobank has become an important supporter by helping to increase public awareness of KFS, and it is encouraging that they are keen to extend this co-operation in the future. The quality of our projects is largely determined by a working relationship with Maastricht University and Wageningen University and Research. We have already mentioned the co-operation with FoodTechBrainport in Helmond with facilities for innovative food processing technologies and working with Dutch Cuisine we have access to a large culinary network.

In 2021 Caroline van der Horst joined our Board; she brings a lot of expertise in food technology and business. We also welcome Theo van den Abeele MSc, Dr Sandra Einerhand and Dr Felix Kormelink as new members of our Advisory Board; their extensive knowledge and background is of great importance.

Board Members per December 31, 2021: P. Folstar, A.G.J. Voragen, E.I.L.D.G. Margherita, A.J.D. Kleijn, J.-P. van Straaten, H.C. van der Horst

Financial report 2021 KFS Jaarrekening 2021 (in Dutch)

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Policy plan 2020-2024

There is an increased urgency to rethink the world’s food supply system.

The objective of KFS is the development of nutritious and tasty food  while more effectively using the potential of agricultural raw materials, thereby decreasing the dependence on additives and reducing the amount of waste. Together with our growing network, KFS will identify promising ideas, support progress and  promote the application of such results in society.
The objectives for the next period:

  • Over the next three years KFS will develop three entirely new or improved existing products.
  • Together with partners KFS will develop two new projects or programmes per year.
  • Publicity will be intensified through publications in professional magazines and national media.
  • Once in three years KFS will organise a national meeting.
  • The financial and organisational basis will be strengthened.

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