Annual message and policy plan

Annual message 2019

Building on the work of previous years, a portfolio of ten projects has now been established, including recent ones on tomatoes and legumes. Certain projects are still in an exploratory stage, whereas others are already in the phase of research and development. The projects on artichokes and oat-pasta have reached the stage of application.

So far focus in KFS projects has been on food science, technology and nutrition. However, it was felt that consumers’ perception needs to be included as well so the first step here has been taken in the area of traditional breadmaking.

Generally ideas for KFS projects have been developed by Members of the Board with research being carried out by MSc students under the supervision of members of the KFS Advisory Board. In certain projects industrial partners are included from the start. In all cases, however, the results of projects  are considered as public knowledge ; unless decided otherwise, ownership of IP belongs to KFS.

In order to improve the visibility of KFS activities, communication has been updated including a revision of the website and the introduction of a quarterly newsletter, highlighting the latest developments. With the co-operation of external partners, there will be more emphasis in the future on publications, presentations and workshops.

In order to support these ambitions, KFS needs to improve its financial basis. KFS is grateful for the commitment by three sponsors with a total of € 30.000, but this is not enough to cover foreseen expenses for the period 2020-2025. A dedicated programme will be adopted to contact  and hopefully enthuse potential partners. Please note that in 2018 KFS obtained the ANBI-status.

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Policy plan 2020-2024

There is an increased urgency to rethink the world’s food supply system.

The objective of KFS is the development of nutritious and tasty food  while more effectively using the potential of agricultural raw materials, thereby decreasing the dependence on additives and reducing the amount of waste. Together with our growing network, KFS will identify promising ideas, support progress and  promote the application of such results in society.
The objectives for the next period:

  • Over the next three years KFS will develop three entirely new or improved existing products.
  • Together with partners KFS will develop two new projects or programmes per year.
  • Publicity will be intensified through publications in professional magazines and national media.
  • Once in three years KFS will organise a national meeting.
  • The financial and organisational basis will be strengthened.

The complete text can be found by clicking on Policy Plan 2020-2025. KFS Policy plan 2020-2024 KFS Budget 2020

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