Healthy and Sustainable Tomato Products

Healthy and Sustainable Tomato Products

Tomatoes are an important part of consumption patterns worldwide. Annually 150 mln tons of tomatoes are produced around the globe, and that makes tomatoes a major crop. They are not just outstanding in flavour and consistency, they also provide a large variety of nutrients such as lycopene, beta-carotene, potassium and vitamin C.

About 20% of tomatoes is consumed fresh . 80% is processed and offered to consumers in a variety of products such as paste, sauces and pizzas; during this processing, 40% of the  nutrients are eliminated.

Keep Food Simple has inititated a research project to explore ways to reduce waste during processing and to create healthier products. Special attention will be given to the effect of processing conditions on the so-called bio-availability of the nutrients in the intestinal system. Ultimately our work should lead to products that are healthy, tasty and affordable.

The project is executed by a consortium of University Maastricht/Venlo, Dutch Cuisine, Wageningen University and Looije Producers. Please contact Fons Voragen (+31 (0)6 30 40 67 31) for further information or contact us through

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