The potential of domestic grown Walnuts and Hazelnuts

The potential of domestic grown Walnuts and Hazelnuts

There is a growing interest in the potential of the production of walnuts and hazelnuts in the Netherlands. Not only its significance to a healthy diet but also the potential for circular agricultural production systems as well as to support continuous, locale supply chains warrant this interest.

Today most walnuts and hazelnuts consumed domestically are imported mainly from Turkey and USA. The import of walnuts is 7400 tons per year with a value of 50 m€ of which 3200 tons (20 m€) are exported. The production of hazelnuts amounts to 500.000 tons of which 75% is from Turkey.

According to the Dutch Health Institute domestic consumption of nuts is 5gr/day. To take full advantage of the potential of walnuts and hazelnuts in our diets, state-of-the-art knowledge is required on composition, nutritional value and health aspects of walnuts and hazelnuts. Moreover, the creation of added value through nut-based healthy products will be an important part of this study.

Keep Food Simple has started a collaboration with the Nederlandse Notenvereninging to support the growth of the production of nuts, both as fresh products as well as nut- derived food products. A student at the University of Maastricht has recently started with a literature and consumer research.

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