Maximum use of raw materials, more sustainable production, less waste and fewer additives.

Keep Food Simple supports the development of nutritious and tasty food by more effectively using the nutritional potential of agricultural raw materials, therefore decreasing the dependence on additives, reducing the amount of waste in the form of raw materials, nutrients and other edible substances and promoting low CO2- and water-footprints.Keep Food Simple focuses primarily on leafy vegetables, root and tuber vegetables, fruits and grains; all these products contain high levels of valuable nutritional components; unfortunately in current processing systems there is often considerable wastage and therefore there is much to be gained by taking a fresh look at these systems, from raw materials to final products.

Why Keep Food Simple?

Keep Food Simple is a not-for-profit, independent foundation. We focus on developing and supporting projects and programmes that we feel are relevant to society. With a powerful network and considerable professional expertise, we develop multi-disciplinairy  platforms as a basis for innovative solutions regarding healthier foods and less wastage. Our work is enabled through sponsorships and subsidies. Keep Food Simple has been granted the status of a recognized charity (ANBI) since January 2018.