Annual message

Keep Food Simple in 2018 and 2019

The Foundation Keep Food Simple (KFS) was established in 2016. The objective of KFS is the development of nutritious and tasty food while more effectively using the nutritional potential of agricultural raw materials, therefore decreasing the dependence on additives, reducing the amount of waste and promoting low CO2 and water footprints. KFS will identify promising ideas, support progress and promote the application of such results in society.

In 2017 multiple activities took place in a variety of projects, in communication through our website and presentations and in the participation in national and international networks. Also, a detailed five-year strategy was formulated and approved by the Board.

As of January 1st, 2018, the Foundation Keep Food Simple has obtained the ANBI status which means that the Dutch Tax Administration has officially designated us as a Charitable Institution.  This is of great importance for those who wish to support our work financially. In 2019 we shall take further steps to encourage sponsorship.

The main focus of the projects is on leafy vegetables, root and tuber vegetables, fruits, grains and related food products. In cooperation with Maastricht University, Campus Venlo, further work was done on new products using parts of the artichoke plant that are currently wasted; also, support was given to a new business for the production of pasta products based on oat bran. Active support was given to the implementation of authentic bread-making in modern industrial baking technology. The successful workshop on food fermentation has been followed up by a number of feasibility studies. These are expected to lead to concrete projects with Wageningen University and HAS Den Bosch.

In 2019 a new multi-disciplinary programme will be developed called ‘Producing Healthy Food without Waste throughout the Food Chain’. This programme will be developed in close co-operation with partners in our network and will form a basis for knowledge development and future projects.

Our website gives information on actual activities, new and existing projects and presentations in the rapidly expanding KFS network. The website is well visited and has already led to new contacts and initiatives. Next to this and other informal communications, various presentations and publications will complement our activities.

Keep Food Simple underlines the importance of the active application of results of its projects. It is expected that not just young start-up companies but also established businesses will be interested. These will be asked to sponsor the work of Keep Food Simple in order to make future projects feasible. The results of these projects are considered public knowledge and will be presented on our website.

A five-year strategy was approved by the Board whereby step by step KFS will develop a portfolio of 20 -25 projects, will grow its professional network, will be supported by an active group of sponsors and will produce concrete results.

Finally, a summary of the main activities of KFS in 2018 and 2019.

  • Extending our project portfolio, with special focus on the possibilities of fermentation
  • Taking first steps to developing a multidisciplinary programme as a basis for knowledge development long term
  • Increasing co-operation with partners in our network and relevant external programmes
  • Approaching relevant parties in order to increase sponsorship and subsidies
  • Strengthening our organisation and back-office activities to support our objectives